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O’Dea: I’m running for US Senate to take the fight to Biden

Working Coloradans need a champion. President Joe Biden has weakened America. Record inflation means everyone pays more for everything. Gas is over $4.25. Groceries cost more, and the reckless spending from Washington, D.C. is making things worse. Worse yet, our current senator, Michael Bennet, has stood with Biden through it all.

I’m running to take the fight to Joe Biden and Michael Bennet on these issues.

I was adopted at birth by a Denver cop and stay-at-home mom. I washed dishes to pay my way through Mullen High School and became a carpenter by trade. I left Colorado State University early to start a construction company that today employs hundreds of Coloradans. I started that company out of my basement. My life has been forged by hard work and perseverance. I understand what working Americans are going through.

I’m an American first — not a party loyalist — but I am a conservative at my core.

I support term limits, a balanced budget, conservative judges and the Second Amendment.

As your Senator, I’ll fight to secure our border and get America back on the path to energy independence. The top energy officials in George W. Bush’s and Donald J. Trump’s administrations have endorsed me because of my laser focus on restoring an all of the above approach to American energy development.

I’m focused on inflation, not social issues. But, if social issues come before the Senate, I’d support concrete limits on late term abortion, an end to any taxpayer funding for abortion, and a national requirement that minors notify their parents before receiving an abortion. I don’t favor a total ban. I was adopted at birth – my brother and sister, too. I never met my mom and dad, but I’m thankful they made the decision they did. We need to make it easier for brave women to do the same. In the Senate, I’ll fight to expand adoption in this country.

But as I said, the economy and inflation are my focus. Not social issues. I’ll fight to cut wasteful spending. I’ll oppose new tax increases — I proudly signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, and I will take the fight to Biden’s bureaucracy. Red tape is strangling America.

I’ve been honored to be endorsed by leading conservatives from across Colorado — folks like Bill Owens, Hank Brown and Mark Hillman; small government activists like Jon Caldara, Laura Carno, and Michael Fields; rural conservatives like Jerry Sonnenberg from Sterling, Ray Scott from Grand Junction, and Bob Rankin who represents so many mountain communities on the western slope. Dozens of sheriffs, Donald Trump’s U.S. Attorney, and the largest association of police officers in Colorado have all endorsed me.

I hope to win your vote, too. Joe Biden and the Democrats are wrecking the country. A vote for Joe O’Dea is a vote to take the fight to Joe Biden. I’m a fiscal conservative, and I love Colorado and this country. In the Senate, what’s good for working people will be on my mind every single day. I’ll always put them first.

Joe O’Dea is a Republican primary candidate running to compete against incumbent Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate in November.  A version of this column originally appeared in the Summit Daily newspaper


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