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‘We Vape, We Vote’ tour coming to Thornton; anti-vaping candidates the focus of rally

THORNTON — For the next three weeks, Americans For Tax Reform will be making 12 stops between Phoenix, AZ and Jacksonville Fla. — including one in Thornton next week — to engage and bring awareness to a very narrow voter demographic — vapers.

The “We Vape, We Vote” bus tour begins Saturday in the north-Phoenix suburb of Prescott Valley, where those who have used vaping to kick the habit of smoking will make it clear that they know who the elected officials are who seek to limit their choices.

“The science is overwhelming that vapes are 95 percent safer than a combustible cigarette,” said Tim Andrews, director of consumer issues for Americans For Tax Reform. “We know they have the capability to save 6.6 million Americans’ lives. But there is so much misinformation on these life-saving products. So our goal is to raise awareness leading up to the midterm elections.”

Andrews was clear that Americans For Tax Reform does not endorse candidates for office, but it picked its rally locations based on candidates who have not been friendly to the industry in passionate vaping communities. His hope is to mobilize that community and encourage them to vote.

The stop in Thornton will be from 3-5 p.m. on Oct. 11, at Elite Vapes, 3943 East 120th Ave. The location was chosen as it sits in the heart of Colorado’s new 8th Congressional District boundary that pits Republican State Senator Barbara Kirkmeyer against Democrat State Representative Yadira Caraveo.

‘We Vape, We Vote’ bus

In the last session, Caraveo supported House Bill 22-1064 which would have, among other things, banned flavored vaping products in Colorado.

Although the bill made it out of the House, it died in the appropriations committee in the Senate, so Kirkmeyer never had a chance to vote on it.

Andrews said events change at each rally, but the idea is to motivate vapers to tell their stories and show officials not only the benefits of vaping, but to remind them they vote, and they won’t be voting for those opposed to the product.

“Some politicians want to take that away from them,” he said. “The polling clearly shows this is a vote moving issue for them. So, we want to get these voters out to show these officials it’s not only the morally right thing to do, but electorally good for them.”

More information on the rally in Thornton can be found at www.wevapewevote.org.


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