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Secretary of State candidate Pam Anderson racks up multiple newspaper endorsements

DENVER–Before ballots even drop for Colorado’s mid-term election in November, Republican candidate for Secretary of  State Pam Anderson has already pulled in an impressive array of newspaper editorial board endorsements, including the Durango Herald, Colorado Springs Gazette, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, as well as  both of the metro-area’s major daily news outlets, the Denver Post and Denver Gazette.

The Gazette support for Anderson is hardly a surpriseThe sister publications’ candidate picks have been predominantly Republican this election cycle, with the notable inclusion of Democrat Jason Crow in the 6th Congressional District.  “Pam Anderson is everything a secretary of state should be,” notes the Gazette.  “Anderson is the polar opposite of Colorado’s current, first-term secretary of state, Jena Griswold — who has made a mockery of the office.”

The enthusiastic support for Anderson from the Denver Post, otherwise known as a reliable supporter of progressive causes and Democrat candidates, also offers up an indictment of Griswold, who the Post describes as “completely dismissive of ours, and anyone else’s valid questions and concerns about election integrity.”  As for the Anderson, the Post calls her “an impressive candidate who has been running elections in Colorado for almost 20 years as a clerk and recorder in Jefferson County, as the head of the state’s county clerk’s association, and as a city clerk in Wheat Ridge.”

Also of note is the backing of Anderson by the Durango Herald. The dominant news outlet for a large swath of southwest Colorado also broke from its usual left-leaning editorial stance to back the Republican, while endorsing Democrats in the races for U.S Senate, Governor, Attorney General, and the 3rd Congressional District.  “We appreciate that Anderson wants to focus on the nitty-grittiness of the process. We see her as the person to take us to this next level of evidence-based elections,” says the Herald.

The Daily Sentinel also takes Griswold to task, while referring to Anderson as a “steady hand” for Secretary of State.  “Most of all though, we are concerned that Griswold dipped too far into partisan politics while in office. This needs to be an independent office, and even the perception of bias is damaging.”


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