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Guest editorial: The case for Matt Solomon in Senate District 8

The Wall Street Journal recently called the U.S. Senate race in Colorado a ‘race to the rhetorical middle.’ It went on to say that Senator Michael Bennet and his GOP challenger, Joe O’Dea reflect each other like fun-house mirrors. This is a common occurrence in this year’s election cycle as campaigns try to paint their opponents as the bad guy while running to the middle to gather as many votes as possible.

You will be hard pressed to find that type of rhetoric coming from me as I campaign for the District 8 seat in the Colorado Senate. Thankfully, there’s no fun-house mirrors; rather, a stark contrast between me and my opponent on where we stand on the issues. I might be old fashioned, but I believe voters are smart and are able to see past the rhetoric and lies being slung this cycle.

I believe individual freedom, personal safety, and fiscal responsibility are important to all of us. I am passionate about my love for where I live. Colorado has been my home for all of my adult life and many of the lessons I have learned on my path of growth and opportunity, I have learned here, along with many of you.

The experiences I carry and share have contributed to my ability to bridge gaps, collaborate, and facilitate relationships across the state. These experiences also offer me the perspective necessary to fully represent this district in the Colorado Senate – regardless of party. I understand that good policy comes from more than good intention and pretty titles; the fine print and follow through of legislation is what truly matters.

One of the many take-aways from my time on the Eagle Town Council was that I followed through on my promise to be transparent and consistent. This made me predictable in my representation of our community. It also showed that I carried my promise of integrity and truth – my word is my bond.

Frankly, I am tired of the divisiveness not just from my opponent, but from both sides. One side is attempting to smear my reputation and neither side seems willing to work together. It is dividing us all.

When launching my candidacy, I vowed to run a  values-based campaign that would focus on the policy and discuss the issues honestly. As we near the election, my opponent has already gone negative; meanwhile, I am doubling down on integrity and truth – like I said I would.

I have worked and will continue to work for the benefit of this district with a practice of transparency and consistency. This allows me to be predictable for you and hopefully leaves you feeling invited into a conversation, rather than feeling defensive and braced for an argument.

If elected, you have my word that I will do everything within my power to end a few major crises that have plagued our state under the failed leadership of my opponent. I will work with law enforcement so we can bring the fentanyl crisis to an end. I will work to lessen inflation and the high cost of living that we are facing. I will work to lower the rising cost of energy and fuel prices we face on a daily basis, as a result of my opponent and the majority party’s voting record and policies.

It’s not lost on me that I can’t please everyone if elected. There will be tough votes and there will be hard conversations. Nobody said legislating was easy. I know enough to know that I’m willing to put in my all, outwork everyone, get input from different points of view, and at the end of the day put Colorado and the residents of my district first. You finally deserve a voice at the Colorado State Capital that has your back and is willing to go to bat for what’s best and not just political expediency.

District 8 deserves a senator that understands these issues and supports our entire district. This District deserves a senator that’s going to stand up and vote for the Constitution and the District, rather than fall in line with progressive policies that make no sense and harm future generations. This District deserves a senator that wants to help people get ahead. I am that person and humbly ask you for your support and your vote on November 8th.  Visit my website here.

Matt Solomon is the Republican candidate for Senate District 8, which encompasses Grand, Summit, Routt, Jackson, Moffat, Eagle, Clear Creek, Gilpin, and Rio Blanco counties, as well as part of Garfield County.


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