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Complete Colorado’s roundup of 2022 election ballot guides

If your Colorado ballot is still sitting on the kitchen table, don’t be surprised when you open it to find eleven statewide ballot measures, including constitutional changes, and both citizen-led and legislature-referred measures.  Complete Colorado has compiled a list of 10 ballot guides from a variety of right-of-center sources to help you sort through it all.

There’s a few common themes through all of these guides. The first is universal support for Proposition 121, which reduces the Colorado state income tax rate.  The second is universal opposition to both Proposition FF, which raises taxes on high-income earners to fund free school lunch, and Proposition 123, which sacrifices Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) refunds for a subsidized housing scheme.  There is a split over other issues, such as the three liquor related measures, 124, 125 and 126, as well as the magic mushroom decriminalization measure, Proposition 122.

Here are the guides:

The Independence Institute:  Colorado’s free market think tank (also the publisher of Complete Coloradooffers a guide to the statewide ballot measures, including explanations for their positions.  It’s worth noting that Proposition 121 was put on the ballot by II, and the Institute’s president, Jon Caldara, is one of the proponents.  Unsurprisingly, they recommend a “Yes” vote.   The think tank also put out recommendations on the seven measures on the Denver ballot (spoiler alert: They’re a “No” on all of them).

The Centennial Institute: Part of Colorado Christian University, Centennial Institute offers their Christian conservative take on the statewide ballot measures.

Mandy Connell:  The 850 KOA radio host gives recommendations for the statewide ballot measures, congressional and statewide candidate races, and the state board of education races.

Mark Hillman: The former Colorado State Treasurer and Senate Majority Leader weighs in on the statewide ballot measures in a Complete Colorado opinion piece.

Kim Monson: The 560 KLZ radio host and former Lone Tree City Councilwoman gives her take on the statewide ballot measures, as well as local measures in Douglas County, Denver, Fort Collins and Lone Tree.  A fuller explanation of her picks is also available, with registration, here.

Ross Kaminsky: The 850 KOA radio host gives his picks for the statewide ballot measures, as well as congressional and statewide candidate races.

Randy Corporon: The Tea Party activist and Republican National Committeeman talks through his picks for the statewide ballot on his 710 KNUS radio show.

The libertarian take:  At the Free State Colorado website, Brandon Wark offers a libertarian’s view of the statewide ballot measures.

Brauchler and Fields: Former DA George Brauchler and Advance Colorado Action’s Michael Fields discuss their choices for the statewide ballot on Brauchlers’s 710 KNUS radio show.

Jeff Crank: The radio personality and regional Americans for Prosperity director offers his statewide ballot measure picks, as well as for statewide, legislative and El Paso County candidate races, as well as Colorado Springs ballot issues.


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