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Jefferson County Republicans eyeing city council, school board races

LAKEWOOD — The Jefferson County Republican Party has sent out an email to its membership encouraging them to step up and run for one of numerous open local government seats this year, with the promise of financial support.

“We need to have strong conservative voices on all of these boards below,” the email begins. “Don’t let people tell you that Republicans can’t win these elections because we can.”

The email is one of the ongoing examples statewide where county Republican groups are actively seeking, and supporting candidates in what are legally classified as “non-partisan” races, such as city council and school board elections.

Despite party affiliation not appearing on the ballot, political parties can still support those candidates. There are reporting rules if parties want to donate money, and the party must notify the Secretary of State’s office prior to spending any money on a non-partisan race.

In 2021 the Larimer County Republicans bought billboard space for candidates running for school board. And earlier this year, the Weld County Republican Chairman put out a newsletter to his group encouraging support for a slate of candidates in the Greeley-Evans School District 6 Board of Education race.

“I have spoken so much about the need to support conservative candidates and the local government level,” Scott James said in his newsletter. “There are no more critical races than the school boards, town boards, and town and city councils.”

James then listed three registered Republicans who have declared their candidacy for the office with links to any available websites.

The Jefferson County chairwoman, Nancy Pallozzi, also listed available seats open in Jefferson County.

“Jeffco Republicans need to stand strong and be proud,” the email reads. “Please look at the opportunities below and be the one that steps up to one of these positions.”

Pallozzi said all the races she identified have Democrats running but no Republicans.

The email identifies the following open positions:

  • Districts 3 and 4 of the Jefferson County Board of Education.
  • Edgewater — Mayor and four at-large open city council seats.
  • Golden — Mayor and two city council positions, Districts 1 and 2, also the Fire Pension Board has one open seat.
  • Lakewood — Six city council spots, Wards 1-5, and Mayor.
  • Littleton — Two city council seats, District 4 and At-Large.
  • Wheat Ridge — City Clerk, City Treasurer, and four city council seats: Districts 1-4.
  • Jefferson County also has more than 100 open positions on boards and commissions that are appointed.

Pallozzi also listed several open appointed positions on various boards and commissions in municipalities across the county.

“The Jefferson County Republican party will help Republicans that run for these important races,” Pallozzi said in the email. “We only have 10 Republicans in (100+ elected positions in Jefferson County). We can’t complain about how our cities are full of crime, drugs, growth, fee increases (taxes), and inflation if we don’t step up and make a difference.”

Pallozzi said the county planned to create a page on its website with all the updated information and instructions on how to run or apply.

“I am proud to announce that our small donor committee is in place,” Pallozzi said. “The money that is raised will be used directly to Jeffco Republican candidates only. One of my promises, as your new chair, was to support all candidates that are working within the party, and that is what I intend to do. Every candidate will get some money … they will be financially supported by the Jefferson County Republican party.”


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