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Far-left operatives outraged over Colorado patriot group endorsing in local races

DENVER — Three far-left organizations that just a few weeks ago published their own lists of endorsements for candidates that support a progressive/socialist ideology are now calling on candidates who have been endorsed by a conservative patriot group to denounce those endorsements.

Colorado Working Families Party, a socialist political organization; Progress Now, a far-left activist group; and Yellow Scene Magazine, an online publication that has been supporting the progressive movement in the Boulder area for more than 20 years are working together to spread the message that they don’t approve of their political opposite endorsing in local races.

It started when Working Families released a statement on Oct. 25 against the Colorado Conservative Patriot Alliance, a group run by Northern Colorado activist and former Maga Trump Colorado chairman, David Hunt. That statement said in part that voters in places like Aurora and Boulder want to know if the candidates the alliance supports accept the organization’s endorsement and its “anti-choice, anti-immigrant, and anti-LGBTQ network? Or will you denounce this extremist group and the hate they represent?”

Then on Oct. 26, Progress Now, run by hard-left activist Sara Loflin, put out its own statement in support of the Working Families position “demanding that all of the candidates endorsed by this group unambiguously reject and disavow both the endorsement and ideologies of the Colorado Conservative Patriot Alliance.”

Then finally, on Oct. 28, Yellow Scene Magazine called Conservative Patriot Alliance a “conservative nationalist group with ties to known Colorado white supremacists.” The post added that Progress Now was “responding to this outrageous intrusion into Colorado politics by the racist fringe of the conservative movement” before publishing Progress Now’s media release verbatim on its website.

However, all three organizations had previously published their own endorsements of candidates across the state that Yellow Scene, for its own part, called “not for the faint of heart.” Most of those endorsed believe in political ideology that includes everything from full-term abortion rights, dismantling the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR), and banning oil and gas to gun control, defunding the police, and rewriting the First Amendment.

Whether the hard-left groups consider their own endorsements of candidates an “outrageous intrusion into Colorado politics” is not spelled out in their respective statements.

Hunt did not return a request for comment from Complete Colorado, but on his Facebook page, he took swipes at the left-leaning organizations.

“It looks like we are getting on the nerves of our leftist friends again,” one post reads. “The Colorado Conservative Patriot Alliance put out a list of election endorsements and they are hopping mad about it. We must be doing something right.”


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