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Students receive anti-frack rap at Evergreen Middle school

Some students at Evergreen Middle School got a very one-sided presentation (according to multiple reports from parents) on energy on Friday, May 3, watching a live “What the Frack” rap that told students natural gas and coal “poisoned the water, poisoned the air, poisoned the people, do you think that’s fair?”  The rap was delivered by a pair of children who call themselves “Earth Guardians.”

Full version at the end of the post.

CompleteColorado.com has been investigating this matter since Tuesday. We are aware that numerous parents made complaints to the principal, Kristopher Schuh. Schuh sent the following response to a handful of parents:

Hello everyone,
Thank you for quickly bringing your valid concerns to my attention. I will continue to presume positive intentions as I meet with our teacher tomorrow to discuss what transpired and ensure that the opposite side of this issue is being clearly and fairly represented. I will also begin a thorough review of the process of vetting a speaker before they are allowed to present to our students.

I’ll follow up soon,

The same group “Earth Guardians” recently gained fame when they took over, you read that right, a Boulder County Commissioner’s meeting.  Report by The Daily Camera here, but Amy Oliver of the Independence Institute (disclosure, I am also employed at the Independence Institute) gives a larger overview here.

Also, here’s good video of the children at the County Commissioner’s podium (starts at about 1:49).

Lynn Setzer, Communications Director for Jefferson County Schools explained to The Blaze.com that the students in question had been invited to the school for a different purpose, and that the fracking portion of the presentation “wasn’t specifically planned.”

According to The Blaze, “Setzer said the school is sending a letter of apology to parents, along with a list of resources for both sides of the issue for families to discuss. The school will also put in place a procedure to vet guest speakers.” According to letters reviewed by CompleteColorado.com, a vetting procedure to vet guest speakers is precisely what some parents were asking from the district in light of this assembly.

Watch the full rap here:

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