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Want some extra ballots? Go to your nearest apartment complex!

Lately in Colorado, there’s been a lot of talk and debate about making voting easier.

Watch these videos and tell me, should it be THIS easy?

Convenience is great for things like cigarettes, gas, and a quick bite to eat.  But do we want to make a voting ballot, the cornerstone of our republic, so convenient that you can find a few ballots in minutes, as I did, at a single apartment complex in Denver?
Mailing station 1:

Mailing station 2:

Mailing station 3:

In the instance of the first mail center, it’s my speculation that those ballots were probably mailed to someone who moved away, and so the ballots were mis-delivered to the new tenant. At the second and third locations, however, it’s a distinct possibility that the correct recipient got the ballot and then just threw it away.

No “orphaned” ballots were found at the fourth mailing center in my apartment complex.

Todd Shepherd is the investigative reporter at the Independence Institute in Denver.  He’s also the founder and editor of CompleteColorado.com.  Email him tips at CompleteColorado@gmail.com.

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