An Incredible Opportunity this Election

Let’s face it: Things aren’t good.

Capitalism run amok has created far too many problems in today’s complex society, from man-made global-climate-warming/cooling/change, to high fructose corn syrup and genetically modified organisms (can you believe they want to put organisms in your food?), to drilling rigs in your back yard, to school boards that want to monitor curricula from the federal government, and on and on.

In this modern world, society can’t be trusted to figure things out on its own. Government solutions are required. For years, our two party system has meant one party fights the other and solutions die before they can be tested in the real world.

icon_op_edBut look what happens when one party controls the Colorado House, Senate, and Governorship. In 2011 and 2012, Republicans controlled the House. This divided government passed only 637 bills. In 2013 and 2014 with Democrat control, 862 bills were passed. That’s a 35% increase! Just imagine what could happen if there were no opposition party, ever again. Our government could really get down to the business of controlling (pardon me, helping) people. An opposition party, winning power through fair elections, stands in the way.

In 2012, I was running for the Colorado House. I predicted that if Democrats won control of the House and kept the Senate, they would be able to pass laws that would make it very difficult for Republicans to gain a majority in either house of the Colorado Assembly. They won and passed HB-1303. I call it the Voter Fraud Encouragement Act. The next year, they passed HB-1164, extending the same “fraud protection” to local districts.

Do you remember when Jon Caldara, the brash president of the Independence Institute loudly proclaimed his intent to vote in an El Paso County election, despite living in Boulder County? He was threatened with jail time, but voted anyway. The Voter Fraud Encouragement Act protected him.

Since then, the legislature passed The Caldara Act to prevent what Caldara did. But the rest of the Voter Fraud Encouragement Act remains intact. This year there will be over a million more ballots in the mail, just waiting for the right people to vote them. “Ballot harvesters” can go door-to-door collecting ballots and make sure they get voted the right way. With same-day voter registration, anyone can produce a utility bill or a library card and vote in any election.

With no accountability in our election system, the Democrats that created the Voter Fraud Encouragement Act will be able to ensure unopposed power, year after year.

As far as I can tell, there is only one potential threat to this unbridled Force For Good. It’s not a Republican victory in the State House or Senate. There’s very little chance that will happen. I’ve talked to the Republicans – they have no plan to overcome the fraud. Even if they squeak out a win, the law remains.  Hickenlooper would likely not veto a bill to weaken Democrat dominance, not after currying so much favor with Bloomberg, Steyer, and other billionaires that will fund his future in politics.

The threat comes from Bob Beauprez. You see, it’s harder to cheat the vote in a statewide election, much easier to do in a smaller district where you can concentrate the fraud as needed to ensure Democrat majorities. There may be enough voters that believe one-party control is a bad thing to put Beauprez in charge. What could he do?

If I were Beauprez and won election, I would threaten the legislature. I would have a veto pen, and I would veto bill after bill until the legislature repeals the Voter Fraud Encouragement Act. Imagine if fewer than 300 bills were passed every year for the next four years. If Democrats wanted to do good for the people of Colorado, they would be forced to repeal the law.

I just hope Beauprez isn’t listening. He could spoil this incredible opportunity for more government.

Brian Vande Krol is a small business owner who ran for the Colorado House in 2010 and 2012.


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