Please share your health care re-enrollment letters with us

Dear Complete Colorado readers:

We’ve heard a handful of stories about how the tangible impacts of ObamaCare are being felt right now, as many of you are receiving your health care “re-enrollment” letters, having your policy canceled, or being given your new menu of health care options by your employer.

For example, the document below is part of a letter that one man received from Humana. It gives his current premium and coverage and explains what he will have to pay next year for a plan that is Affordable Care Act compliant.  Not only is the premium almost double, his deductible will go up as well.

We want to know your story.  Would you please consider sharing your re-enrollment information with us?

Email us at CompleteColorado@gmail.com, confidentiality assured.  If you can include pictures or scans of any of your re-enrollment information, please do, again confidentiality assured.

Thanks much,


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