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VIDEO: Republicans want to be right, Democrats want to win

If you are a Colorado Republican trying to come to terms with the state being awash in blue, you should probably hear what Ted Trimpa has to say.

Former state treasurer and senate majority leader Mark Hillman recently wrote in Complete Colorado that Republicans must be committed to winning if they want to govern again.  Hillman mentions the wealthy “Gang of Four” funders who committed (along with others) to finance a strategy for Democrats to win in Colorado, as well as Ted Trimpa, a “shrewd young strategist” who helped implement that winning strategy.

As it turns out, Trimpa is happy to explain how they did it (it’s not any big secret, there’s a whole book written about it).  Shortly after the election, he went on Jon Caldara’s pubic affairs tv show Devil’s Advocate (airs Friday nights at 8:30 on Colorado Public Television) and laid it out.

In Colorado, Republicans “are more about about wanting to prove they’re right rather than wanting to win,” according to Trimpa, whereas with Democrats, the money, messaging, and multi-year strategy is steered by “people who want to win.”

As Trimpa puts it:  “If the objective is winning, it changes so many different metrics.”  To find out what that means, watch the video below.


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