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VIDEO: Trimpa & Bunch talk heart & mental health, second chances at life

Ted Trimpa and Joey Bunch–both accomplished men in their 50s–each had traumatic heart problems that very nearly killed them.

Trimpa, a high-profile Democratic political consultant, went in for a routine life insurance physical, and ended up undergoing major surgery for a heart murmur.

Bunch, a veteran Colorado political reporter, went to the hospital for pneumonia and had a massive heart attack, actually dying on the table before being resuscitated.

The two men recently sat down with host Jon Caldara on the Independence Institute’s* public affairs TV show Devil’s Advocate (airs Friday nights at 8:30 on Colorado Public Television) to talk about their experiences; the symptoms, the surgeries and the mental health issues they’ve dealt with since.  Caldara has his own life-changing experience to relate; the death of his daughter just days before her first birthday.

What follows is a candid and moving conversation about health, depression, asking for help, and second-chances at life.  That video is below, and well worth the time.

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