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Alleged robbery at Mayor’s office generated no report

The Denver Post had a great report this weekend about a new 911 protocol, headlined, “‘Dignitaries’ get enhanced 911 response in wake of new Denver rules.”

The Post reports that in October of last year, the Mayor’s office had to wait over 30 minutes for a cop to be dispatched to his offices on a robbery call.  And the Post also has quotes from two officials saying that the alleged robbery incident was not what instigated the promulgation of the new 911 rules.

We asked Denver Police for a copy of the robbery report, and we were told there wasn’t one, but they did provide us with the 911 “rundown” of the call that came in, and how it was dispatched.

When we asked Denver Police by email why no report was created, Lt. Matt Murray responded by saying:

It is very common, in fact the most common police response, for a call not to generate a report.  We receive over 300,000 calls for service each year, but in 2013 roughly 48,000 reports were generated.

The most common reason that a report is not generated is that no crime occurred.  The second most common is that no one wants to make a complaint.

In this case it was determined that no crime had occurred.  The complainant was advised to call back if evidence of a crime was located.  The police were not called back.

911 rundown embedded below:

Robbery call from Mayor Hancock's office to Denver Police

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