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CT documents show tax lien placed on Hickenlooper property

Embedded below are documents obtained from Middletown, Connecticut.  The first is a “Lis Pendens,” which technically is a notice of legal action that is soon to follow.  The Lis Pendens, dated October 30, 2001, names John W. Hickenlooper Jr. as being the primary defendant in a an action to begin foreclosure on tax liens.

Also embedded below is a list of tax liens, also from Middletown, CT.  The document is dated 2005, and shows a “tax due” under Hickenlooper’s name for $3,997.40.

In this article, we make no claims or accusations about Governor John Hickenlooper’s actions, or lack thereof.  However, there is no disputing the authenticity of the documents.  We’re open to the possibility that Governor Hickenlooper may not have been the primary “owner” or resident of the property in question.  We’re open to the possibility that the tax lien somehow happened by accident, or was resolved in good faith, and the documents somehow failed to show that.  But at the moment, we have no such evidence, and if a reasonable explanation exists, we’ll update the story when that information is available. But the clerk’s office in Middletown could not comment about the tax liens, and emails and texts to the Hickenlooper campaign were not returned, and an email to the Governor’s spokesperson was not returned.

I’m continuing to seek additional information from other offices in Middletown. This may or may not shed more light on the documents.

Hickenlooper Lis Pendens WM by CompleteColorado

CT Tax Lien Sheet Hickenlooper 1_MARKED by CompleteColorado

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