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Same-day Voter Registration Approaches 5000 in 2014

Approximately 4,700 Colorado residents registered and voted on election day in 2014, according to updated figures from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office.

Complete Colorado requested the the number of same-day registrants, county, and affiliation records for those who registered and voted last Tuesday.

A Complete Colorado analysis of the numbers shows that 1,585 Democrats registered and voted last Tuesday, with 1,708 unaffiliated voters and 1,205 Republicans taking advantage of the same-day walk-up registration and voting option.

Democrats pushed same-day registration and voting through the 2013 legislative session with HB 13-1303.

A total of 4,695 Colorado voters chose this option. This number does not include voters who registered prior to election day, but after the old 29 day deadline, or who requested a mail-in ballot prior to election day.

In the key battleground counties, Democrats outpaced their Republican counterparts by just a little over 400 voters, 1,430 to 1,018. Democrats and Republicans split the 12 key counties, with Democrats building sizable leads in Boulder and Denver counties–530 same-day voters–than their overall margins. Republicans made up ground in their key strongholds, like Douglas and El Paso counties, but also remained close in Adams and Arapahoe counties, and actually outperformed Democrats in Pueblo county by a small margin.

But unaffiliated voters surpassed both parties in those same 12 counties, with 1,439 voters. Unaffiliated voters outpaced at least one party in all 12 counties, and both parties in four counties–Adams, Arapahoe, Jefferson, and Larimer.

On the eve of the election, the Secretary of State provided updated voter registration statistics current through November 1. Those figures showed 913,246 active registered Democrats, 966,082 active registered Republicans, and 1,063,724 active registered unaffiliated voters.

Final voter registration numbers for the election, as well as the total number of votes cast last Tuesday, will be available following the curing of all ballots and certification of results from county clerks some time within the next few weeks.


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