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Brown rips Stokols report on climate change vote in US Senate

Thursday afternoon, 630 KHOW afternoon drive time host Michael Brown ripped into a report from KDVR’s political reporter, Eli Stokols. Stokols had published a piece on Wednesday discussing a vote (to an amendment, not a final bill) in the US Senate dealing with climate change. Per Stokol’s report:

After campaigning successfully last year as a “different kind of Republican,” Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner is under fire from conservationists for voting Wednesday against an amendment stating that humans contribute to climate change.

Was the author’s message clear enough for you? “Different kind of Republican” means voting like a Democrat. Either that, or the author wants to convince you Gardner’s a hypocrite.

However, Brown took particular offense to the reference of a poll, which Stokols had used to assert 69 percent of Coloradans believe that humans are contributing to climate change.  In fact, the poll only stated that 69 percent of Coloradans want their Senator to address the impact of climate change.

After Brown’s harraunging, Stokols tweeted an acknowledgment of the error has since added a correction to the story.

Listen to the audio of the radio segment below.





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