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Three radio hosts gone from 560 KLZ

Three local radio hosts at 560 KLZ are no longer on the air: Randy Corporon, Kristina “Kris” Cook, and Ken Clark.

Clark confirmed the information by phone earlier this afternooon, and said all were quitting under mass protest.

While rumors are circulating about the circumstances behind the mass exodus, it seems clear that the entire incident began early today when morning host Randy Corporon was interviewing former Congressman Tom Tancredo.  In mid-interview, Corporon was pulled off air.

The following is the full press release issued by Ken Clark:


Denver, Colorado – June 24, 2015 – Protesting for journalistic integrity and control of the content of their shows, the three “Liberty Lineup” talk show hosts on local station KLZ 560 AM have resigned their positions behind the microphone.

Randy Corporon (host of “Wake Up! With Randy Corporon”), Ken Clark (“Freedom 560”) and Kris Cook (“Grassroots Radio Colorado”) submitted their letters of resignation to KLZ’s parent company, Crawford Broadcasting, Corporon’s on Thursday, June 18, and Clark and Cook on June 22, giving their 30 days’ notice.

“This is a united protest by the three of us against interference with our shows,” the three said in a joint statement issued today. On Thursday, the new station manager, Don Crawford, Jr., issued an order that two of the primary players in the current Colorado Republican controversy, former Congressman Tom Tancredo and Colorado Republican Party Chairman Steve House, could not be guests on any of the shows. Crawford stated in an email that this ban would continue until “I can better understand what’s happening and why; meaning the truth.”

This morning, Tancredo called Corporon’s show and, in defiance of the censorship order, was put on air. The broadcast was halted by Crawford and Corporon did not reappear on the air. Clark and Cook were both notified that their last shows were broadcast the day before, and they would not be returning to the air.


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