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Denver Sheriff Department new hire under fire for Facebook posts —UPDATE

A new hire at the Denver Sheriff Department’s marketing and communications section is being criticized for Facebook posts on her personal page.

On their broadcast this afternoon 710 KNUS talk radio personalities Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden accused Bethany Candelaria, a newly-hired Marketing and Communications Professional of making racist, anti-Christian, anti-Trump and other offensive posts on her personal page.  A sampling of the posts includes: “I enjoy offending white people. It’s just so easy,” as well as “Go f*ck yourselves, America.”

Michael Britton, Vice President of the Denver Sheriff Fraternal Order of Police appeared on the show and levied complaints and concerns about how someone demonstrating such biases could be effective as a marketer and communicator for the Sheriff Department, saying that some deputies are “just appalled at the actions of this person.”

The Facebook page has since been scrubbed clean, but the posts were preserved by screen shots. Bonniwell and Hayden are displaying some of the posts on their website.

Complete Colorado confirmed with Daria Serna, Communications Director for the department, that Candelaria is a “recently hired” employee.

In response to inquiries into Candelaria’s questionable posts, Serna wrote in an email to the radio hosts, “As a part of the Denver Sheriff Department’s hiring practice, we check social media accounts of potential employees. We did so in this case and the account was private. When we became aware of the posts, we took swift action. This is now a personnel matter that is currently being evaluated to determine next steps.”

This is a developing story.

UPDATE — Daria Serna, Communications Director/PIO for the Denver Sheriff Department said in an email, “Bethany Candelaria has resigned from the Denver Sheriff Department.”


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