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Download Complete Colorado’s mobile app (and other ways to stay in touch)

Well, it looks like they’ve finally come for Complete Colorado. It’s the only logical explanation, really. Engagement rates on our Complete Colorado posts on Facebook took a sharp and sudden downturn earlier this year (interestingly enough, right around January 6th).

So it looks like we’ve been “shadowbanned,” Facebook’s practice of intentionally reducing distribution and visibility to certain content. Either that or large numbers of Complete readers suddenly and collectively stopped caring about Colorado issues.  This seems unlikely given our readership has steadily grown for years.

Unfortunately for us, Facebook was the most popular platform through which people accessed our Page Two original reporting and commentary. That being the case, here are some other ways for you to keep up with our work, without relying on Facebook:

  1. Download our new and improved mobile app (it has been totally revamped for a much-improved user experience).
    1. Android users click here.
    2. iPhone users click here.
  2. Set Complete Colorado as your internet browser’s home page or bookmark it for easy access.
  3. Follow us on Twitter here.

As always, thanks for being a Complete Colorado reader, please keep coming back.


Our unofficial motto at Complete Colorado is “Always free, never fake, ” but annoyingly enough, our reporters, columnists and staff all want to be paid in actual US dollars rather than our preferred currency of pats on the back and a muttered kind word. Fact is that there’s an entire staff working every day to bring you the most timely and relevant political news (updated twice daily) from around the state on Complete’s main page aggregator, as well as top-notch original reporting and commentary on Page Two.

CLICK HERE TO LADLE A LITTLE GRAVY ON THE CREW AT COMPLETE COLORADO. You’ll be giving to the Independence Institute, the not-for-profit publisher of Complete Colorado, which makes your donation tax deductible. But rest assured that your giving will go specifically to the Complete Colorado news operation. Thanks for being a Complete Colorado reader, keep coming back.

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