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VIDEO: The tip that led to the Rochelle Galindo investigation

DENVER–On May 12 former State Representative Rochelle Galindo– already the target of a recall effort— resigned her House District 50 seat in Weld County in the wake of sex assault allegations.  When the Greeley police later released their investigation into Galindo, the heavily redacted document seemed to imply that Complete Colorado reporter Sherrie Peif, who also lives in Weld County, was a witness who had gone to the police.  And while it was originally reported that way by some media outlets, it’s simply not the case.

Rochelle Galindo

What actually happened is that Peif received a tip concerning Galindo’s conduct some time before her resignation, and like good reporters do she went to a source close to the Democrat legislator’s campaign to try and verify the information.  When that tip couldn’t be confirmed, Complete Colorado dropped the story.

It was that source who then contacted one of Galindo’s victims–who was also an acquaintance–and accompanied her to the police.  A second victim soon came forward, and Peif did report on that accusation.

Peif, along with Greeley City Councilwoman Stacy Suniga–who went to the police with Galindo’s victim–recently sat down with host Jon Caldara on the public affairs tv show Devil’s Advocate (airs Friday nights at 8:30 on Colorado Public Television) to tell the back story of the tip, and the series of events, that led to the investigation of Galindo.  That video is below and is well worth the time.



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