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Complete Colorado adoptable dog: Maverick lost his tail, but he’s still all Husky

Update:  Maverick has been adopted.

Maverick is a 1 1/2 year-old male Husky who is available for adoption. And while he needs a permanent home, he also needs a purpose; this strong, handsome pup wants to work.

Maverick recently had his tail surgically removed. His whole history is unknown, but as the story goes he was hurt falling out of truck in California, and ended up relinquished.  A request went out to Denver’s Planned Pethood Plus veterinarian clinic to take him, and in October he underwent the difficult surgery there.  Dr. Jeff Young’s high volume, low cost vet clinic has developed a national reputation for taking on tough cases via the hit TV show, “Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet,” now in its sixth season on Animal Planet.

The lack of a tail hasn’t slowed this dog down one bit.  Huskies were developed to be working dogs, pulling sleds across expanses of ice, are born pack animals, and are generally very friendly.  While this makes them fit right in as a family pet, as well as with other dogs, they are also high energy animals that need plenty of exercise.  Maverick is no exception, and he’d likely be most happy as a running partner, hauling a pack up a mountain trail, or yes, pulling a sled.

Huskies are also know to be strong-willed and mischievous, and Maverick is a little of both, so if you aren’t ready and willing to be the Alpha in the pack, he will likely end up running the show.  But if you can give him what he needs, this boy would be a loving, playful and loyal companion.

Maverick is crate trained and enjoys being in his kennel, likes to ride in the car, is house trained and uses a dog door.

To find out more, call Planned Pethood adoptions at 720-937-0633.


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