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Uhlaender: Why Eli Bremer should be Colorado’s next U.S. Senator

(Editor’s note: This is one of a series of guest columns by supporters of the various Colorado Republican hopefuls, making the case for their candidate for U.S. Senate in the 2022 November election.  The case for Joe O’Dea is here,  for Gino Campana is here, for Greg Moore is here, and for Deborah Flora is here.)

I’m a Colorado native, world champion athlete, and 5-time Olympian. I’m supporting Eli Bremer for the U.S. Senate, and for good reason.

For two decades I have been involved with the Olympics, competing around the world representing my country. I’ve seen the best and most inspirational sides of sport along with the dark. There is a struggle within the community that has caused many people I know to lose their lives after sport. My best friend being one to have struggled with mental health and lost.

Following my fourth Olympics in 2018, I decided to use my prominent position in the Olympics to help the next generation of athletes who would go on to represent Team USA. The passion for sport is there for all, but we need to make that space safe as well.

As I became more involved with Olympic reform, a name kept coming up as a true leader in the Olympic Reform Movement: Eli Bremer. I may have met Eli at some point when he was competing, but his reputation in the Olympic Reform Movement far exceeded his many accomplishments as an athlete.

Eli took time to listen to my concerns and helped me personally in my pursuit of a 5th Olympic Games. He worked to help me overcome the obstacles I faced in the role of confidant and friend. He is recognized as a leader within our community of United States Olympians because he treats all of us this way. He wants to see us move toward a better future for the future of sport and he cares about us as people.

This is a man who has dedicated his life to serving others and doing what he can to make their future better. Rather than cowering or acting in his own self-interest, Eli took on the extremely powerful, well-funded, and well-insulated United States Olympic Committee (USOC, now USOPC) to push for reform. He never shied away from calling out for much-needed change within, and on behalf of, our community of Olympians.

Eli’s efforts represented the championing of women’s rights, women’s safety, athlete advocacy, and the need for greater resources to be made available to Olympians on the verge of true poverty and suicide. Eli is determined to get results.

Eli is credited for playing a lead role in passing a 2019 bill for Olympic Reform in the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal. No other candidate for the U.S. Senate in CO can say this. The way Eli has gotten results is by building coalitions and working with others toward common objectives. Though everyone knows Eli is a Republican, they should also know that Eli has become a champion for women in sport.

Child USA, a leading think tank whose mission is to end child abuse, recently concluded an extensive review of the Larry Nasser scandal. Eli’s work on the study made a significant contribution to the final report. Eli’s analysis on how to protect females in sport opened the widely respected and now often-referenced report. Eli’s contribution was vital to understanding how to prevent abuse, promote safety, and empower those most vulnerable. I support Eli because Eli supports us as women.

When Eli told me he was running for the U.S. Senate, I knew this was the Republican to help take back the Senate in 2022. He’s a man who cares deeply about the concerns of others and will work tirelessly to help his constituents. He is a leader who earns the profound respect of nearly everyone who knows him.

To win in Colorado, Republicans need a candidate who can build coalitions without compromising strong, conservative, commonsense values. Eli exemplifies this through his strong convictions, and he understands how to work with others to advance positive outcomes. Where Republicans have failed to connect with unaffiliated and independent voters, Eli will succeed.

As an Olympian, I know the importance of vision and integrity.  Eli has both in spades. I also know that the best way to predict future success is by looking at past success. Eli is successful.  He is credited with leading and passing bi-partisan reform in the wake of the Nasser scandal.

Please join me in supporting my fellow Olympian, Eli Bremer for U.S. Senate.

Katie Uhlaender is a Colorado native, a world champion skeleton racer and a 5-time Olympian.


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