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Schaffer: Gino Campana the right choice for U.S. Senate

(Editor’s note: This is one of a series of guest columns by supporters of the various Colorado Republican hopefuls, making the case for their candidate for U.S. Senate in the 2022 November election.  The case for Joe O’Dea is here,  for Deborah Flora is here, for Greg Moore is here, and for Eli Bremer is here.)

Come November of this year, Coloradans have the chance to elevate the nation’s course.   The purblind one-party rule that’s incapacitating Washington, D.C. seems set on destroying America.

Their reckless strategies of sky-high inflation, international crises, labor shortages, and so much more are a direct result of an arrogant political class that lacks authentic vision for our beloved country.  With so much on the line right now, and a U.S. Senate seat up for grabs, we need to nominate the right community representative who will win in November.

My wife Maureen and I think our friend Gino Campana is the right choice to take on Democrat incumbent Michael Bennet and move the U.S. Senate back into the column of everyday Coloradans – the kind Gino served so well when he was our elected city councilmember in Fort Collins.

We know nearly all candidates who have emerged so far in this particular U.S. Senate contest.  They’re all wonderful, devoted Coloradans, each with some fantastic strengths.  But we believe Gino is the right choice for these high-stakes times, and for this necessary campaign.  Here’s why:

Gino’s parents legally immigrated to this country for a new opportunity.  Gino is living proof the American dream is still possible.  He’s the embodiment of it.

Gino is a successful entrepreneur who started his business by fixing up a single house; and, who by taking thoughtful and well-calculated personal risks, eventually turned that first sale into a large, growing, and successful real-estate enterprise.  His hard work and entrepreneurship have created thousands of jobs, enhanced our Northern Colorado community, and extended the American dream to countless others.

With all the serious problems facing the economy right now, we need someone like Gino who has grown a business, fostered prosperity for hundreds of workers; and who understands the importance of a meeting a budget.  We need someone with Gino’s experience and talents to restore common sense in America.

Maureen and I have known Gino for years.  We’ve supported him in politics before.  We trust him.  As Colorado Politics recently pointed out, Gino is “appearing to be the only candidate leading on multiple fronts.”

Gino has jumped out early as a proven fundraiser (we’re contributors, and hope you will be, too).  He’s building solid grassroots support and a focused campaign organization with the wherewithal to win the Primary and beat Senator Bennet in the Fall.

And most important to us, Gino’s conservatism and worldview are rooted in his life’s story.

Gino has embarked on an earnest mission to cut spending, reverse inflation, and fight for Colorado values.

Sadly, Joe Biden and his good friend Michael Bennet have become part of the problem – partisan contributors to Washington’s political rot.   They are spending trillions of dollars with reckless abandon, not thinking through the consequences that will impair generations to come.

Their weaknesses on foreign affairs have threatened the security of American warriors in the field.  The partisan duo has found comfortable companionship among the easy circles of Washington D.C.’s advantaged, political class; and, like so many others who have aspired to federal office, they seem to have become completely devoted to their privileged Capitol Hill friends at the expense of all of us here at home who deserve better.

Fortunately, Gino is willing, prepared, and energized to upend the Capitol parlor tables and carry our message to the floor of the U.S. Senate.

By embracing the values of old-fashioned, honest, hard work, Gino created an opportunity to live the American dream, and he wants his four kids and eventual grandkids to know how to work hard, too, for those same dreams.

The daily news makes it quite clear the Washington D.C., partisans just don’t get it.  If you agree with me their time is up, then help replace them by electing Gino.

That’s why Gino is running hard to represent Colorado.

Thank you for reading this.  I’m grateful for your concern and love for our Great State.

Gino is attuned to what’s at stake, and Gino will fight like a warrior to be a new conservative voice in the U.S. Senate – Colorado’s voice, our voice.

Bob Schaffer represented Colorado’s 4th Congressional District for three terms and is the headmaster at Liberty Common High School in Fort Collins.


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